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The Confession

Title:The Confession Author: John Grisham  Pages:456  Source: Borrowed  Last Word - An absolute page-turner 
Afazal Guru (convicted for attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001) and Ajmal Kasab(convicted for Mumbai attacks in 2008) were guilty and were hanged. But Donte should have walked off scot- free. Just because he was a black, he was convicted and killed. The color of his skin spelled his doom. 
The Confession makes you cry. I've choked many a times. I've prayed many a times. But my prayers never got heard. Donte Drumm  was never released. Thanks to the Texas authorities who went out of their way to ensure that reprieve eluded him. On the contrary, they coerced him to confess a crime he had never committed. 
Grisham's narration is gripping. The book keeps you hooked all along. Donte Drumm - a young black man is convicted for killing Nicole.Yarber, a highschool cheer leader. Lawyer Robbie Flak is fighting a lost case for Drumm. Whites claim that Drumm killed this white woman…

"He who lives by the sword dies by the sword"

"LTTE Leader Prabhakaran's 12-year-old son killed in a cold blooded murder in a military bunker", screamed the newspapers today. The headline reminded me of Jeffery Archer's latest book 'The Sins of the Father." Poor kid, he paid for his dad's sins. Whether his father sinned is still a subject of debate. But this cute-looking boy was so innocent and so harmless. Did someone say: he who lives by the sword dies by the sword ?

The Sins of the Father

Author: Jeffery Archer  Pages: 383  Genre: Fiction 
Source: Personal Copy Last Word: Breezy Read  The court is adjourned- Jeffery Archer's 'The Sins of the Father,' sequel to Only Time Will Tell' ends with yet another interesting cliff hanger. Yes, the wait for the next installment in the Clifton series has already begun. This book, of course, is a boatload of surprises. Here's a peek- a-boo: Emma bearing Harry's son, Sebastian, despite the duo sharing a 'shaky sibling status; Harry leading a prisoner's life despite not being Tom Bradshaw - the actual criminal; Maisie's marriage to Mr. Holcombe, despite her promiscuous past; Giles' military medals, despite his portrayal as lily-livered; Hugo Barrington's fortunate death, despite his dirty tricks to stay alive and thrive; the controversy surrounding the Barrington empire, despite Harry giving up his claim on it. Plus, the Giles escape from German POW camp and Henry fooling the Nazi commander into…