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Make-up Mess On My Engagement Day

The day of my engagement had dawned. Draped in a dark beatroot kanjeeveram saree I felt like a beauty queen. My mother and siblings seconded my views. ‘You look gorgeous’ said my mother. (Yeah! I was nothing less than an Aishwarya Rai for my mother.) I was on cloud nine.
However, a phone call from Max after the engagement ceremony shook me up from my dreams. “What had you done on your face,” taunted Max from the other end.  ‘Your make-up was monstrous today, and did you get that dirt off your face? He inquired, with a tinge of sarcasm in his voice.
I didn’t like the way he spoke to me.  So, without wasting a minute I lashed out at him, left, right and center. I spat out as much venom as possible through the phone.
This phone call from my fiancée became a conclusive proof for me that your people are your people, after all. That is your mother and siblings. They will appreciate and applaud you, and be by your side, come what may. I must be really looking good on the day of engagement. W…

Two Golden Gifts From God – Aryan n Ayaansh

5 Special Gifts That’ll Help Safeguard Their Future

Just 20 days ago I was blessed with my second sweet little bundle of joy − Ayansh. My cutie pie turns 20 days old today and the first best gift that we as responsible parents have bestowed upon him on his arrival on this earth was to get his umbilical cord preserved. We did this because we were told that the preservation of umbilical cord would safeguard our child from various life threatening diseases such as cancer, thalesemia, diabetes and lots more. More than anything else, even my elder son Aryan would benefit from this preservation, we were told. So without giving way to afterthoughts we decided to get Ayansh’s umbilical cord preserved for a decent sum.

I know in case of Ayansh we set things off in the right track by preserving his umbilical cord, now the next big step, I as a concerned parent who’s worried about her kids future would be to get a child’s insurance policy. I and my hubby have been contemplating on taking HDFC’s…

Tyrant Toms Terrorizing Jerrys

Media, these days, has its daggers drawn out against some tyrant Toms and rightly so: starting off with the Tejpal case to the newbie on the block, the retired Supreme Court judge A K Ganguly. (Here the culprits have followed one definite pattern though, targeting the juniors; because vahan shayad dal jaldi gale.)
Both Tejal and Ganguly have been accused of sexually harassing their juniors. When Tejpal’s case was out in the open, I was smiling away gleefully; at least …at least someone had the courage to spill her guts and pull the rug off from a high-flying boss’s feet. At least, at least, someone this time had supporting parents who didn’t mind their daughter playing the role of a victim cum protagonist in a sexual harassment case. At least, at least someone this time had not let ‘sab chalet hai' attitude come in her way of seeking justice and  then blindly sweeping the incident under the carpet.
Anyway, I am damn sure; this was not one of rare incidents. The bosses’ misdoings…