Friday, 27 December 2013

Two Golden Gifts From God – Aryan n Ayaansh

5 Special Gifts That’ll Help Safeguard Their Future

Just 20 days ago I was blessed with my second sweet little bundle of joy − Ayansh. My cutie pie turns 20 days old today and the first best gift that we as responsible parents have bestowed upon him on his arrival on this earth was to get his umbilical cord preserved. We did this because we were told that the preservation of umbilical cord would safeguard our child from various life threatening diseases such as cancer, thalesemia, diabetes and lots more. More than anything else, even my elder son Aryan would benefit from this preservation, we were told. So without giving way to afterthoughts we decided to get Ayansh’s umbilical cord preserved for a decent sum.

I know in case of Ayansh we set things off in the right track by preserving his umbilical cord, now the next big step, I as a concerned parent who’s worried about her kids future would be to get a child’s insurance policy. I and my hubby have been contemplating on taking HDFC’s Children’s Plan since we had Aryan in our midst eight years back, but so far haven’t done anything about it. Now with the arrival of Ayansh I believe things will have to move on a war footing.

The third best gift I believe would be to introduce my kids to the world of Books. Books have been a source of inspiration for me and I believe a single good book is equivalent to a 100 friends. And I want my kids to follow suit. Books are an epitome of knowledge and intelligence. It’s one of the best investments I as a parent would love to make on my kids; and not on gold and diamonds. Such valuables can be stolen but values and wisdom gained from books stays with you forever.   

The fourth best gift that comes to my mind is Higher Education.  These days, everyone seems busy getting a masters degree for him or herself. In other words, everyone is busy studying hard. Now to make my kids stand tall among the rest, I wish to be instrumental in helping them bag the best degrees from highly renowned and influential colleges. If they have the aptitude and the spirit, I may don’t have to do much, just a wee bit of financial help will do, and they on their own would make it. 

Last but not the least: Good Values. Every day, our news channels and newspapers are filled with negative stories. Stories of rape, murders, cheating, killing, kidnapping so on and so forth, dominate the media channels.  Since our kids are growing up in this hostile environs it’s difficult to keep them away from these happenings. So the best thing that I can do for them so that they could make out good from the bad, right from the wrong, is by making them aware of good values.  For this, I’d inspire my kids to read the Bible, attend Sunday masses, and read other spiritual and moral books. I’ve been doing this and it has been helping me a lot and I believe this is something which even my kids could gain from.

These are the first five gifts that came to my mind immediately on seeing the title for this post. Hopefully, with God's grace, I wish to gift these precious gifts to my darling lil ones sooner than later.


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  1. Just one question...
    How can a parent "be instrumental in helping them bag the best degrees from highly renowned and influential colleges" if they DON'T have the aptitude and the spirit...?

    Arvind Passey

    1. Aptitude and spirit does matter, but even money matters these days.As i've mentioned in the post" If they have the aptitude and the spirit, I may don’t have to do much, just a wee bit of financial help will do, and they on their own would make it."

  2. Congrats. U have so many good plans. All the best.

  3. Congrats on the new gift that God has given you :) That comes as a surprise...because your previous post was on 4th Dec, and on 27th u come and say that your newborn is 20 days old :) so u hv begun active blogging immediately after childbirth :)
    And wonderful plans, Jini :)
    God bless Aryan and Ayansh :)

    1. ya...bk to blogging immediately after childbirth Shreeja. and thanks for reading my posts. btw i've missing urs posts on wow and blogaton.

    2. I'm back with a bang now.... had been on vacation, but joined blogosphere back inDecember :) Thanks a lot for the nice words :) You made my day :)


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