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Love @ Airforce

On seeing the cover page I thought: Oh! Now even the Airforce officers are writing books. But as soon as I opened the book to read the intro, I realized that I was wrong, for the book was written by a Maths teacher and not by an Airforce personnel. Yes, this debutante author Gaurav Sharma is a Maths teacher who has done this extraordinary job of publishing a book.(Uff, when I’ll come up with mine, the whole world seems busy writing.) 
Talking about the book, the author has done a good job, given that it is his debut novel. The characters, JCO Awasthi, and his wife Divya; Wing Commander Dr.Shabd, and his married love interest, Soumya; Soumya’s husband, Wing Commander Shandilya, and Dr.Sharmistha are all well fleshed out. Kudos to the author for attempting a subject he probably was unfamiliar with : The Indian Airforce and discrimination faced by its non-commissioned personnel’s at the hands of its officers (or does he have any relative in the force, whatever the case may be, the R&am…