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Smiling Tulip Farms For Sale

December 7, 1941 There was lot of commotion in the neighbourhood. Known faces were peering from their window panes. People were scuttling across the road. The news was that U.S. forces had barricaded the area; and Takashi Mori's house was their target. And in no time, they barged into Mori's house. From the door left ajar I could witness the army handcuffing Mori. Probably, they were taking him away to some undisclosed camp location. A camp recently set up by the U.S. government in San Francisco. Felber, his friend, hadn't failed to figure out all the foofaraw. It was expected; the arrest, the side-effect of being a Japanese. *** “Felber,” Mori said, and then choked up. An eerie silence had engulfed the farm space. Only Mori’s hiccupping cry could be heard now. No, he wasn’t expecting any help from his Swiss friend. Only a nut case could think of confronting the self-aggrandizing U.S. army. Felber could only gather so much courage to mutter,” Friend this would also pass.” T…