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Countdown for Holi 2014 has begun for me and Aryan!!!

Holi is one helluva festival that Aryan enjoys to the hilt - of course, apart from Christmas. It's one festival where he gets to brandish his gun and fire at his friends at the same time. Rest of the days, he  stays satisfied playing alone; sometimes holding his black gun and staring at the ceiling or the TV absentmindedly.
Regardless, he was on an unstoppable firing spree on Holi day, which was thankfully a holiday for him. Covered in a splash of colours, he's was the cynosure of all eyes - or should I say, I had my eyes only for him? His chubby cheeks, dimple chin simply made me swoon over him, helplessly.
With his semester exams round the corner, the festival came as a real stress buster. He wanted me to join him, but, I was too lazy too play along.

"Come on, mummy, be a sport," Aryan requested, pleaded, and begged. But his mother turned deaf ears. This disappointed him a little.
Yes, I go a little over the edge when it comes to colors. Even the sight of those g…

Hitler Mom!

Recently, I was pillion riding my son to school. Just half-way through, he blurted out, "Mummy, you are Hitler." I was too stunned to respond. Kept quite for sometime and let that accusation sink in.
Aryan is just seven. Maybe he had heard of Hitler on National Geography channel. Maybe he simply blurted out with no rhyme or reason. Maybe he's heard me, call my father Hitler. Where did get this name from? I wondered.

Of course, there's was no question of dropping this matter.
Without taxing my brain any further I decided to question him. "What makes you call me Hitler?" I asked Aryan. 
Hesitation. Obviously, Aryan was absolutely clueless. In other words, "he didn't have answer." He had simply blurted out, but with good reason. Reasons, I was very well aware of. Yes, It was no big deal, piecing this puzzle together; but regardless, his spontaneous blame had hit the right spot on my heart. Aryan may have zero or little knowledge of the Fuehrer, …

Cute little Aryan

I have a cute little son who means the world to me. He fills my days and nights, and every breath I take. Thank you Jesus, thank you so much for this beautiful gift. I just wish I had two of him. So much more to love and care for.

A Lesson in Lies!

The other day, Aryan lost his Maths classwork. Naturally, i panicked. His exams were approaching and his teacher might have given him important notes to learn. As always, i was at the school next day, and fortunately bumped into his class teacher right at the school gate. I shared my grievance with her. Thankfully, Kinjal Ma'am promised to help me find the book.

When I dashed home from the office (I always to do that, always in a hurry to reach home), the first thing I asked Aryan was did he find the book. With a sweet, toothless grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes he waved the notebook at me. I heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God, I said.

On flipping through the pages of the book I realized that this was not his book. It was of some other kid or probably an ex-student's book. More than anything, the writing was pretty good and clear. Aryan scribbles, he doesn't write.

 I told Aryan, "Beta, this book is not yours" .

 "Oh! I told the teacher this is my…

The Testament

Title: TheTestament
Author: John Grisham 
Source: Personal
Last Word - Refreshing spiritual dose

I find Grisham's novels very spiritual, echoing the very popular Christian philosophy of life, "For what does a man profit, if he should gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?"
For many of us, like the Phelan heirs, money is the be-all and end-all. Our success is measured in terms of money. But not for Rachel lane, also a Phelan heir, an illegitimate one though. For her money is meant for the betterment of others. Rachel nonchalance toward money and her missionary lifestyle touches your soul instantly.
Eccentric Troy Phelan is a billionaire. He has several companies spread all over the world. But today, he is contemplating suicide. All his wealth could not win him true love - though he married thrice and fathered six children, all legitimate ones. On hindsight, he himself and all his children are leaving wayward lives. Though he disbursed millions to them…