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Finding inspiration within me and around

I am a quote addict. i will always have one on the desktop and one at the workstation. Quotes simply inspire me to work harder and a little more harder. But there are times when i get fed up with them as well and love to laze around and sleep the whole day. But then guilt pangs surface and i back at my lapi looking for a new quote to charge up my doodling spirits. The one quote that i chanced upon recently was by Marie Curie.

Here's it goes.

There are times when i doubt my writing skills. In all those uncertain times i seek refuge in this quote. Everyone is gifted with something, she says and one must persevere and above all have the confidence to achieve that thing at whatever cost. Truly, one must go after one's goals with a steely resolve and give all that we've got to achieve it.

No Arms. No Legs. NO WORRIES! (just key in these words in google to find a video of this amazing man) I saw the pic of Nick Vujicic in Ahmedabad Times a decade back and since then this pic h…

I too had a love story

I recently finished reading, "I too had a Love Story," by Ravinder Singh. Why should you read this book? Because it's author's true love story that met with a tragic end. And, yeah it's quite filmy. The flow is seamless, English is very Indian, and of course the bookworms can finish the book in one sitting. So if you love, love stories, though you may not be necessarily romantic at heart, and looking for a very very light read, this book is definitely meant for you. In fact, the whole box set by Ravinder Singh is a light read.

The box set contains 3 lovely love books.

1. I too had a Love story
2. Can Love Happen Twice
3. Love Stories That Touched My Heart

In midst of muttu's cries and smiles, i've managed to finish the first and the third and i am all eager to start with the second one. Talking about the third book, "Love Stories that Touched My Heart," the book comprises 24 love stories written by various newbie authors and edited by Ravinder …

Muttu and the Dim Light

You have to see this to believe it!!!But for me it's a routine thing: to watch my baby chat with his dearest friend, the dim light, on and off. And I tell you, it's a sight to behold. My going-to-be-four-month-old, holds silent sign conversations with his dim light friend in his bedroom. He smiles. He chuckles. And goes huh...huh...huh...huh for a while, while communicating with his friend. Seeing him do this often, i've made it a point to include the dim light in all our conversations as well. Pointing towards the light i tell him more often than not, "muttu speak to the light, while i am filling your feeding bottle; muttu stop crying, rather share your grief with your light friend;  "muttu, look, look here's your light friend and now have your milk, and stop being so fussy and cranky." Of course, muttu obeys: he's too small to fall into the disobedience trap. In fact, i carry out the routine chores in the house, leaving him in the company of his l…

When dreams turn real

She woke up with a start. Breathless, she found beads of sweat dotting her brows. A raw fear passed through her. Shaking herself out of the dream, she rushed to the washroom to get ready for the airport. Draped herself in a lovely yellow colored mulberry silk saree that hugged her picture-perfect frame perfectly; a black dot on the forehead and long silver jumkas that almost reached her shoulders followed.

The clock struck 3: Time to leave for the airport, she thought, as her hubby's plane would land anytime.

At the airport, passengers and visitors were running to and fro. There was a huge ball of fire on the runaway: airport officials were announcing of a crash landing.

The dream was unfolding right in front of her eyes: could she shake off this as well, she thought.

The post is part of 9-sentence fiction hosted by Write Tribe Festival of Words- 3