Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I too had a love story

I recently finished reading, "I too had a Love Story," by Ravinder Singh. Why should you read this book? Because it's author's true love story that met with a tragic end. And, yeah it's quite filmy. The flow is seamless, English is very Indian, and of course the bookworms can finish the book in one sitting. So if you love, love stories, though you may not be necessarily romantic at heart, and looking for a very very light read, this book is definitely meant for you. In fact, the whole box set by Ravinder Singh is a light read.

The box set contains 3 lovely love books.

1. I too had a Love story
2. Can Love Happen Twice
3. Love Stories That Touched My Heart

In midst of muttu's cries and smiles, i've managed to finish the first and the third and i am all eager to start with the second one. Talking about the third book, "Love Stories that Touched My Heart," the book comprises 24 love stories written by various newbie authors and edited by Ravinder Singh. It also includes a love story by one of our blogger friends as well. Guess who? Of course it has to be Dr.Roshan Radhakrishnan who blogs at This is one book that you'd love of all the three, given the variety it brings to the fore. All love stories are exceptional...some make you smile, some make you cry and some may leave you cold hearted and some are good enough to send a chill down your spine.

So what are you waiting for? Go get one for your shelf.
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  1. Not sure is th ebook will appeal to me... but the one featuring doc has to be read :)

  2. I have read 'I too had a Love Story' some time ago. Pretty ok and a nice light breezy read! Havent read the other two books!

  3. Thanks Jini :D
    I will let you in on a secret... the best part of being in that book is the great friendships I've developed with the co-authors. EVery morning, I wake up to a dozen odd Good Mornings via Whatsapp from all of them :D

  4. That was fun, Jini :) I've read "I too...", yet to read the other two.... the first was good, light read....though tragic. Thanks for the review !:)

  5. I'm not much for 'Indian English' but the book of love stories with Roshan's story must be read. Thanks for the review.

  6. I have read his first two books.. They were good. And the third one is on my wishlist too..

  7. I have read the first two books. I really liked "I Too...". touched my heart!

  8. I am yet to read these books... will check out the ebooks :)

  9. I too Had a Love Story made me Cry. I mean, how can Khushi be so perfect as a person and it's a book that stayed with me. I fell short of expectation with the second one and coz of the Roshan factor, I gotta get the third one. I feel that I too..cannot be read on an e-format though I am making extra effort to be comfy with e-books:)

  10. a dramatic ending story, it looks realistic.... The author had been successful in narrating a simple story beautifully.... Ravinder singh ji...We are expecting a lot of creations like this...from you.....


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