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If only you were here…

Truly Alive!

Prompt: Truly Alive
I was tense. The AC was on, but I was sweating profusely. My parents held my hands in support. They’ve been with me throughout this ordeal. From filing of the FIR, to police scrutiny to public questioning, not for once they showed any sign of helplessness, though they were heartbroken from the inside.
Today was the final verdict. I’ve been waiting for this day desperately…not just to hear the verdict, but to spit on the face of my abuser and hurl my choicest abuses.
“Hang till death” pronounced the judge
Overwhelmed, I let out a cry.
I felt Truly Alive.

In honor of Nirbhaya- Delhi Gang rape victim 
                                            *  *  *  *  *
The MET department had warned off heavy showers. But I dare not defy the bully boss. An important client meeting was scheduled. So, I pulled out my polka-dotted umbrella and summoned a cab. Reluctantly, the cab driver agreed to drop me, but at double the fare. By now the light drizzle turned into heavy…

How About Maintaining a "Gratitude Journal?"

My 2 cents:

#1 A brilliant, breezy read.
#2 A must-have book for self-help book addicts, quote addicts and super cynics.
# Keep your highlighter ready. It's an inspiration loaded book. In fact, positive thoughts and quotes ooze through the entire book.

Book review: 

If ‘The Secret’ is one of your all-time favorite books then you are sure to enjoy ‘Don’t Think of A Blue Ball’ by Malati Bhojwani. “Plug in” is the word for this book. Plug in with the universe, she says, to manifest your dreams. Plug-in to small pleasures of your life: don’t rush through them; be it bathing, gyming, yoga, etc. Even while getting a hair-cut done, you can be plugged-in. Instead of getting impatient and looking at the watch again and again, plug-in to relish the experience, she says. Now you may ask how do you actually plug-in? You can do it through different ways: through prayers, meditation, centering, and grounding and even by just connecting, shares Bhojwani.
Plug-in with complete trust.
Give up ho…

Just Two Words Mattered From Him

It’s was extremely hot that night. Daddy and daughter had pulled out the mattress and had spread them in the living room. And within moments they were deep in sleep. Or where they? Ananya couldn’t sleep that night. Sitting at the edge of the sofa, she was contemplating. Should she or shouldn’t was not the question here? She had made up her mind. Her marriage was in shambles. She didn’t want to go back to my parents once again. She knew her hubby wasn’t asleep. So, she waited and waited…she knew her next move…she had seen it in crime patrol that toilet cleaner kills. And Gangster movie had reconfirmed her idea. Then out of the blue an afterthought strikes…Her parent’s house was the best place for it. Better do it there than here.

It was Sunday the next morning, in-laws had gone to Church. She didn’t go. Hubby was working from home, daughter was sleeping. Without saying a word, she started her Activa . She knew what she had to. Just a few blocks away and she started playing the who…

7 Bloggers Who Were The Wind Beneath My Wings!

A super short post: yes, I had reserved it for the final day.
For various reasons, one being sounding sycophant, I was wary of writing this post. But after reading, “Don’t Think of the Blue Ball” by Malati Bhojwani (as part of readerscosmos review), I knew in my hearts of hearts that what I am doing was right. Yes, the book pumped me up so much!
The premise of the book is quite promising. It talks about gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation for people around you. In fact, the author suggests readers to maintain a Daily Gratitude Journal, wherein they should thank all the people who helped them during the day. (Sadly though, am yet to come up with such a journal.) 

So much for the greatness of the book. Honestly, I always wished to thank many bloggers promptly and profoundly for visiting my small space for these last seven days (well, almost), by replying to their priceless comments, but I admit, I've miserably failed to do so. Time constraints…hope you understand. So, here I a…

7 Abusive People That World Can Do Without!

As a kid if you had inquired from your Gran, what does a predator actually mean, she’ll have this to tell you “a predator is an animal that kills other species for prey; not his own”. But as the world progresses, you know your Granny’s explanation doesn’t ring all that true anymore. Today the word predator means more than just wild animals. So, if your kid questions you today, “mamma, what is a predator?” Definitely, you’d be in two minds before answering him/her. A WILD ANIMAL OR A WILD PERSON? Which is more truer in the current context?

In today’s context, predators come in the form of abusive parents, abusive children, abusive caretakers, abusive husbands, abusive in-laws, rapists, et al. In fact, anyone can don the garb of a predator anytime. Yes, today predators don’t live in jungles, they live amongst us only. SO BEWARE!!!
Predator No. 1 – Parents – When parents lose control over their temper and start hitting their kids mindlessly. The other day I read a story of this fat…

7 Art of Living Lessons From Loved Ones Around!

Nope, I am neither a Sri Sri Ravi Shankar devotee, nor a fan of his Sudershan Kriya's. So, the similarity in the headline is a pure coincidence. (Or, maybe I’ve heard about his Art Of Living courses so many times, that I simply went ahead and named my post by that name.) However, it was a conscious decision, considering its aptness for my ramblings. Now, enough of digression and coming straight to the point.
Here I present seven of those chosen people from whom I am ‘Learning the Art of Living’ on a daily basis.
#1. The Art Of Staying Perpetually Sleep Deprived – My hubby specializes in it. Red eyes and drowsy demeanor defines him. His philosophy in life: too much of sleep is bad for health; sleep as much as you want when you are dead and gone. (Hmm…I ‘m trying really hard to walk on his chosen path.) But what should I do when my head reels and faculties fail to function? Oh! No. No. That’s doesn’t mean I’ll give up trying. Practice makes a man perfect.

But, I wonder will I b…

7 Of My Favourite Non-fiction books

Sir Francis Bacon rightly said: “Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly." Taking this analogy forward, here’s my take on food. "Opps…books".
Some romantic books taste like pitiful pieces of birthday cakes offered by that not-so-friendly neighbor: the taste lasts till the piece lasts; while some books are like sumptuous peanut butter cookies, too good too resist. (Just like the best sellers which you'd love to binge read.) And then there are some self-help/biographical/autobiographical books that taste like your mom’s favorite recipes, leaving a indelible mark on your heart, mind and soul forever. You love to savor them again and again and again.

So here’s goes my list of non-fiction books that I look up to. I’ve devoured these books at least a couple of times and won't deprive myself from indulging them ov'r and ov'r, given that they are inspiring and keeps my spirits high. The spark in these…