Thursday, 5 September 2013

7 Abusive People That World Can Do Without!

As a kid if you had inquired from your Gran, what does a predator actually mean, she’ll have this to tell you “a predator is an animal that kills other species for prey; not his own”. But as the world progresses, you know your Granny’s explanation doesn’t ring all that true anymore. Today the word predator means more than just wild animals. So, if your kid questions you today, “mamma, what is a predator?” Definitely, you’d be in two minds before answering him/her. A WILD ANIMAL OR A WILD PERSON? Which is more truer in the current context?

In today’s context, predators come in the form of abusive parents, abusive children, abusive caretakers, abusive husbands, abusive in-laws, rapists, et al. In fact, anyone can don the garb of a predator anytime. Yes, today predators don’t live in jungles, they live amongst us only. SO BEWARE!!!

Predator No. 1 – Parents – When parents lose control over their temper and start hitting their kids mindlessly. The other day I read a story of this father who hit his 8-year-old daughter with a rolling pin so hard that she died. Yes, the incidents of child abuse are increasing day by day. Now, have I abused my kid today?

Predator No. 2 – Children – Parents tend to their children with all the love and care in the world. But these days children fail to reciprocate the good things that their now helpless parents had done for them when they were young. No wonder, there’s rise in number of old age homes in our country. Now, have I called up my parents today?

Predator No. 3 – Governess – If you are planning to hire a caretaker for your kid from an agency: beware. My bro had a bad experience. It so happened when my bro and sis-in-law left for the office, the governess had good 8 hours in hand to check all their cupboards and belongings. Yes, the camera was left on in their house, so as to keep a check on the caretaker. And who knows whether she’s was feeding herself on kids’ food while the kid went hungry? Now, did I check up on my caretaker today?

Predator No. 4- Rapist − Even before dust could settle down on Nirbhaya’s case, TV channels are now busying showing a rapist who managed to jump 30ft-high-prison walls of Bangalore Central Prison using bamboo polls and sticks. He’s already raped 11 women it seems. Now, he's freely lurking on the streets. Did I get for myself a pepper spray?

Predator No. 5 - Housemaids – Now and then you can hear stories of housemaids and drivers ganging up against their owners. They are not what they portray themselves to be! Check out their credentials before you hire them. Now, how many times I myself have failed doing that?

Predator No.6 - Colleagues – Office politics may be a bad thing, but more often than not, I’ve seen colleagues indulge in this insensitive behavior without the slightest twinge of conscience. No matter if all hell breaks loose on you, but for them it’s all about making the right noises @ the right places and do all that they can to pull the rug off your feet . Now, do I indulge in office politics, and find faults in my colleague for no reasons at all?

Predator No.7 – Abusive in-laws and husband – The other day an acquaintance informed me that her brother threw his wife out of the house. The couple had just entered in their seventh month of marriage. But, the incident didn’t surprise me considering the rise in divorce rates. Btw her mistake: she bitched about her in-laws on the new Samsung 3G mobile gifted to her by her hubby darling. And how did the husband come to about the bitching incident? There you guessed it!!!Yes, he had put some non-sense application on in her mobile that helped him record all her conversations with her family. The latest I heard was, the boy is wanting to divorce his wife. Now who’s at fault here? And who's invaded whose privacy? I keep bitching about everything in this world and that includes my in-laws as well. Aaarrrggghhh…
Now, if my acquaintance reads this? 

Hmm…too much of venting out…So guys, what kind of predators have you encountered so far?


  1. They are among us. So true. Right on all points. :(

  2. I think it is about time animals started complaining about our abusive behavior when we call someone beastly and the like. No animal is that badly behaved :)

  3. Absolutely, the social part of man being a 'social animal' had died out completely, if anything, man should be called an anti-social animal going by the way things are nowadays...

  4. Seeing our current situation I agree predators are everywhere and they also come in different forms like you've mentioned. I'm frightened of those who pretend to be friends but actually want to get to know all your weak spots.

  5. The predators list is so true whether it's rapists, children, parents or colleagues. We have no ethics and I wonder why. As far as the husband spying on the wife, I find it so not done and he doesn't deserve to be the husband in the first's shameful and shows lack of trust, infringe of freedom. Pardon me, but he is a loser.

  6. it is depressing and weird...but I guess all we can do is keep our eyes and ears open.

  7. You are so right. Predators are everywhere. But can we live in fear? Guess we can only do our best and hope to keep safe.

  8. I personally feel that almost all the points can be dealt with if the parents and children equation can be corrected. Its the basics of inducting better habits and culture..


  9. Prying neighbors. Somebody save me from them :-)

  10. If there's proper communication between two parties, guess every conflicts can be avoided.

  11. We can certainly do away with all these monsters in our society!!


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