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Prayer time huh???

When Worship Becomes Work!

                              My prayer time is precariously perched on a high hill; A gust of worldly wind and it gets toppled down with a heavy thud.
But, I push myself and Ipush myself hard(exaggeration); to pray a little more, to pray a little longer. But the mental sounds of my mind are too strong, What about the unattended tasks at hand? Do I've enough time in hand, to waste my time on God? Now, my prayer time comes under serious threat. So, unless I turn my prayers into a "must-do task", I figure, it would be least/or never attended to at all.
Prayer time! Hardly time! So, I've chosen the most pathetic time to pray (and, I 'm pretty stingy at that, just 15min). When half the world is in deep slumber and when I too am groggy with sleep, its time to turn my attention to God.

I kneel down. My knees give away.  My mental and physical stamina has exhausted. So, with one hand on the bed, and the other precariously holding the prayer book, I …

The Pelican Brief

Title: The Pelican Brief
Author: John Grisham 
Pages: 450
Source: Personal
Last Word - An Engaging Read

After reading Grisham back to back – The King of Torts, The Testament, and The Confession - I thought that Grisham writes with an overwhelming spiritual bend, but The Pelican brief made me think otherwise. This legal thriller turned out to be very different for me. An engaging one though.

The chemistry between Darby Shaw, the protagonist and a law student, and Thomas Callahan, her professor, is pretty interesting. Shaw is a potent combination of beauty and brains. Killer Khamel’s portrayal as a cool, consummate murderer catches your attention. Then there are other characters that come and go by, adding their teeny-weeny bit to the story. As you keep turning the pages of the book you realize it’s a complete filmy masala – yes, a film adaptation of the book was released in 1993 starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. The pace of the book is perfect. The plot is pulling. You…