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Beautiful Books Strengthen Bonds

I knew it was my last day there

I knew it was my last day there. I had enough of this office. Damn with the paper work, damn with the boss, damn with the colleagues, damn with the place; There’s was no sense of right and wrong here. It was better to leave than stay here. Cuss words jammed my throat; humiliation still raw; But my self-worth, my self-worth went rolling downhill. I felt helpless; cried my heart out. After two days of rigorous job search, I landed up with yet another decent job. Rightfully, when one door closes, another opens.
My lost faith restored; my self-worth resurrected.

Love Blooms With Time

Every once in a while

Arithra looked longingly at Ashok.  But Ashok shook his head in disbelief and yelled at her, “Avin that’s second kid.”  
Nothing in the world could rock Ashok’s rock-hard decisions. For Ashok and Arithra, life revolved around their one-year-old son Avin. But Arithra still wished to expand her world: a cute lil daughter to complete her family. 
With private jobs becoming insecure, Ashok failed to understand Arithra’s unreasonable longings. Every once in a while, she spoke about wanting a daughter only to be met with stony stares from Ashok.
Today, Avin turned eight and Arithra suddenly realizes she was carrying…

Every Once in a while - A Prompt by Write Tribe.