Sunday, 20 October 2013

Love Blooms With Time

Hi Max, 

Here I am sharing with you something which I had already shared with you some time ago. So, I’ve nothing new to disclose; no secrets to share. 

Then why share at all? What purpose is it going to serve?

Yeah! You are right. It won’t serve any purpose in particular. But just by opening my heart here you’ll get to know that whatever little I shared with you was just a part of the whole.

So here go my some unshared feelings…

Yeah! It’s true when you came to see me for the first time, your cuddly-bear-physique had put me off. You didn’t look your best that day.

"A case of pot calling a kettle black?"

Okay! Fine!

But aren’t people attracted to their polar opposites? 

And I admit that I kept looking for ways and means to get rid of your marriage proposal, so much so that I proposed to one of the guys in college. But my dream boy had another dream girl in his life.

Hopes hammered. Desires reached a dead end.

And unfortunately with no bakra(sacrificial lamb) in sight I had no choice but to say yes to your proposal. And suddenly on our day of engagement I was so head over heels over you. Yes, you looked ultra- fabulous that day. In fact, I would term the word fabulous as an understatement. I know, I know I looked ultra-ugly that day with all that over done make-up and all. But what I want to admit here is that I fell for your looks on our day of our engagement.  

Yeah! Initially we were like two ferocious lions sharing the same den. Our egos, misgivings, insecurities, and complexes had taken over our lives completely, so much so that we overlooked each other feelings. In fact,"my way or the highway,” become the unwritten, unspoken rule of our lives. And I admit I made the most of it by going the highway.

Nonetheless, despite the negative omens, despite our misgivings, despite the naysayers, despite we-told-you-so relatives, despite you-should-have-married-my-daughter aunties, despite you-would-get-a-better-match friends, despite our inherited anger and stubbornness, despite my dark-complexion, despite my short stature, our marriage survived. Woohoo!, this month we completed nine years of our married life. Probably God’s sweetest gift to us in the form of Aryan helped us fight through the toughest phases of our lives.

Today, when I look back, everything we did, every argument we had seems so childish and immature. 

Now, I can’t think of a life beyond you. It’s you who make my life complete.

Your Angry Women
P.S. Btw you know, I've mellowed down a lot these days.

  The prompt for this fortnight was to write a letter to :
 Your current love/ spouse/ crush or Your ex-love/ spouse / crush.


  1. It's so beautifully written and I'm happy you came up with this aspect of your life in Unsent Letters. Wish u both an amazing journey in your marriage with unlimited happiness and love.

  2. ah! those were the days!! we all kind of go through this phase...but what's important is to know how much we mean to each other.. beautiful!!

  3. Honestly Little Princess. Probably everyone goes through a rocky phase in their married lives. And first few years seem like hell. But then things seem smooth, as the understanding level increases.

  4. I guess, we learn together, grow together with each passing year, in our marriage. You must show this letter to Max! :)


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