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I knew it was my last day there

I knew it was my last day there.
I had enough of this office.
Damn with the paper work, damn with the boss, damn with the colleagues, damn with the place;
There’s was no sense of right and wrong here.
It was better to leave than stay here.
Cuss words jammed my throat; humiliation still raw;
But my self-worth, my self-worth went rolling downhill.
I felt helpless; cried my heart out.
After two days of rigorous job search, I landed up with yet another decent job.
Rightfully, when one door closes, another opens.

My lost faith restored; my self-worth resurrected.


  1. Aha! So glad for her! :)
    Good one for the prompt :)

  2. Always think positive, nice end.

    1. Welcome to my blog Sulekkha and thanks for the encouraging comment.

  3. When one door closes, another opens..I love the last line. I could see myself in this prompt coz I left two jobs back-to-back.

    1. Wow! So i wrote something that struck an immediate chord with you.

  4. u r so right! one door closes and the other opens..all we need to do is keep our faith in ourselves going! great story!

    1. You found it great!!! Thanks. It means a lot coming from a seasoned fiction story writer like you.

  5. Nice one..some offices have such a toxic environment that working there everyday seems like a real torture...


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