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Just Two Words Mattered From Him

It’s was extremely hot that night. Daddy and daughter had pulled out the mattress and had spread them in the living room. And within moments they were deep in sleep. Or where they? Ananya couldn’t sleep that night. Sitting at the edge of the sofa, she was contemplating. Should she or shouldn’t was not the question here? She had made up her mind. Her marriage was in shambles. She didn’t want to go back to my parents once again. She knew her hubby wasn’t asleep. So, she waited and waited…she knew her next move…she had seen it in crime patrol that toilet cleaner kills. And Gangster movie had reconfirmed her idea. Then out of the blue an afterthought strikes…Her parent’s house was the best place for it. Better do it there than here.

It was Sunday the next morning, in-laws had gone to Church. She didn’t go. Hubby was working from home, daughter was sleeping. Without saying a word, she started her Activa . She knew what she had to. Just a few blocks away and she started playing the whole picture in her mind’s eye. How will her parents react? Hubby and in-laws will be held responsible? She was okay with that? But then what about her girl? That too didn’t matter too her. There would be so many to look after her, she thought.

But within moments, she was back at her in-laws home. Saw hubby lying on the floor with BP shooting up. She poured water on his face and he was back to normal. “What happened?” She asked? "No nothing", he murmured. It was at that moment, she realized that along with her, he too was under tremendous pressure. “Why didn’t you stop me from going,” she asked. He gave her a painful smile and said,” I knew you would come back.” If she hadn’t?

Just two words: “Ananya don’t go was all that I wanted to hear from him. But it never came,” shares Ananya. “There’s was always this Big Ego Breathing Down Our Necks. Ego was taking our marriage down. And there were big adjustments problems. But after that aborted attempt, I never attempted doing that again,” reminisces Ananya. Today, she is happily married with a decade of happy experiences to boast of. When I ask her today, what made her return to her in-laws place on that fateful day, she just gives me a blank stare. Probably, suicide was not written for her.
Ego is exclusively responsible for breakdowns of many relationships, including marriages…some of which unfortunately end in suicide. Even in this 21st century some men, including Ananya’s husband, believe that adjustment should come from the women’s end and they won’t give in an inch. However, this doesn’t happen. Both parties should be equally involved to make a marriage work like other relationships. Every relationship is a two way street…except one.

World Suicide Prevention Day



  1. If we could talk about our feelings to someone without all these egos... life would have been beautiful!
    Bless Ananya for not taking the wrong step!

    1. Very true me!!!Ego destroys all relationships.

  2. This is all too real, Jini. I'm glad she changed her mind. It's crazy what many women have to put up with in marriage. :(

    1. Women are always taught to me submissive and all. But how long should women suffer in silence? After all, she too is a human being.

  3. Aggression, ego loneliness and heartbreaks they all somehow form a vicious cycle of pain for us. I remember someone sharing a similar story with me but then I wondered whether if she had mentioned it to her husband things could have been sorted? Communication can defeat all the evils I feel...


    1. Very true Richa. Communication is the best weapon to fight all evils.

  4. Touching story with a strong message, ommunicate and understand each other rather than give vent to one's ego and condemn. Well done.

    1. Thanks Vishal!!!Didn't put in much effort though. It was just an offhanded creation.

  5. Agree Ego can do that and much more.
    I believe suicide very often is a reslt of one weak moment. Glad that Anu didn't succumb to that moment

  6. Ego... :(
    This is so true for so many women out there.. the mere thought hurts

  7. Damn the Ego...its another reason for marriage break-ups.But am happy she came back atleast for her daughter sake and now living a happy life.:)

  8. Glad that she came back.
    Somebody has said this so beautifully about marriage and ego... “Marriage is not a simple love affair, it's an ordeal, and the ordeal is the sacrifice of ego to a relationship in which two have become one”.


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