Monday, 3 March 2014

Muttu and the Dim Light

 My Muttu

You have to see this to believe it!!!But for me it's a routine thing: to watch my baby chat with his dearest friend, the dim light, on and off. And I tell you, it's a sight to behold. My going-to-be-four-month-old, holds silent sign conversations with his dim light friend in his bedroom. He smiles. He chuckles. And goes huh...huh...huh...huh for a while, while communicating with his friend. Seeing him do this often, i've made it a point to include the dim light in all our conversations as well. Pointing towards the light i tell him more often than not, "muttu speak to the light, while i am filling your feeding bottle; muttu stop crying, rather share your grief with your light friend;  "muttu, look, look here's your light friend and now have your milk, and stop being so fussy and cranky." Of course, muttu obeys: he's too small to fall into the disobedience trap. In fact, i carry out the routine chores in the house, leaving him in the company of his light friend and muttu will keep staring and will keep conversing with it for quite some time...though this technique has not come to my rescue in the recent times. Anyway, be it dawn or dusk the dim light is always on in his room.

Post written as part of Freewrite for Write Tribe. (Both my kids are down with viral, so pardon me if i am unable to visit and comment on your blog posts.)

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  1. Awww!! He is adorable!!
    How cute is that conversation that he has!!
    Hugs and best wishes to your darling Muttu

  2. Haha this phase of the baby's is amazing because they have their own signs of communication and it's up to us how we interpret it. My baby used to have silent conversations with the curtains in the room and she used to stare at it for hours :)

  3. I remember my little P conversing with the water mug in the bathroom, when I took her for her bath :D Kids are so cute n lovely :)

  4. Speedy recovery to your little ones. My son when he was a baby used to stare at the curtain in the morn for some time and then start crying. I never understood this strange action of his.

  5. Super cute! And his eyes are so expressive!


  6. Sweet! My daughter,my second child is two months old and keeps talking to the calendar on the wall :)

  7. Aww! Love your lil Muttu. Reminds me of Aaryan when he was a baby. We used to wrap him in soft cloth like this. I guess Muttu is wrapped like that too in this picture. (Swaddling, it is called) :)


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