Saturday, 30 March 2013

Countdown for Holi 2014 has begun for me and Aryan!!!

Holi is one helluva festival that Aryan enjoys to the hilt - of course, apart from Christmas. It's one festival where he gets to brandish his gun and fire at his friends at the same time. Rest of the days, he  stays satisfied playing alone; sometimes holding his black gun and staring at the ceiling or the TV absentmindedly.

Regardless, he was on an unstoppable firing spree on Holi day, which was thankfully a holiday for him. Covered in a splash of colours, he's was the cynosure of all eyes - or should I say, I had my eyes only for him? His chubby cheeks, dimple chin simply made me swoon over him, helplessly.  

With his semester exams round the corner, the festival came as a real stress buster. He wanted me to join him, but, I was too lazy too play along.

Aryan brandishing his blue water gun & threatening his friends
Surrounded by society uncles
All excited and running around

"Come on, mummy, be a sport," Aryan requested, pleaded, and begged. But his mother turned deaf ears. This disappointed him a little.

Yes, I go a little over the edge when it comes to colors. Even the sight of those ghastly colours gives me goose bumps, let alone the idea of having them all over my body.

I was happy to see him play from the sidelines.

He and his grandfather had the time of their lives drenching themselves in water colours.

For me 2013 Holi went away without a trace. Hope, 2014 Holi comes soon. Why? Because, I've promised Aryan that'll play, alongside him. I've promised to share his excitement from now on, because I know down the years he'll have his own gang of friends to hang around, and he won't need me anymore.
Sharing a fun moment with his grandpa

Better late than never.  Yes! The countdown for Holi 2014 has begun for me. 


  1. Hi Jini Please keep writing. U r motivating me to be a good friend to a daughter. When u share ur experience it draws my focus on my daughter's behaviour. U r really doing well. For a mother her child is her world. So I think reading your blogs parents would be more caring for their child. Waiting eagerly for more of ur writeups.


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