Friday, 28 June 2013

Deodorant bug

Aryan, in no time, will turn eight. He looks as smart as his daddy now. Fortunately or unfortunately, he’s aware of his looks as well. So, these days he selects his own outfits and naturally creates a hue and cry when told to wear clothes that he simply abhors. For instance, no shorts, no capris, just full pants and full-sleeved shirts. He's grown up now, you see! The bottom-line is: he wants to look good. Looking good is feeling good, I agree. But, what about smelling good?
Kids today are highly conscious of their looks. And, I thought it's just Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham’s kids who dress up so fashionably.
But, my Aryan has taken a step further. He wants to smell good as well. Yes, besides clothes, he’s bitten by the deo bug. Aryan has been demanding deo for some time now. He says, “even children’s deos are available these days mummy, so why can’t you buy me one?” Okay! Fine, Let me think, I tell him.

And then, on one fine day he tells his dad, “Daddy, you should apply AXE deo.”  When his Daddy asked him why, Aryan’s naïve reply was, “Daddy, girls will look at you if you apply it.” “And, Daddy you should also shave often, then you would look as smart as I am.” Aryan innocuously added.
Max, my husband, simply smiled back at him, painfully aware of the fact that his little son is growing up too fast and is getting accustomed to worldly ways, too soon. Max shared this interesting little conversation he had with Aryan, when I got home from office.
I find the root in Aryan’s snoopy talk in mindless television ads. Ranbir Kapoor applying Axe and attracting female attention has got registered in his tiny little mind. And, yes, the ad had an immediate impact on him: lasting or not, I don’t know.
For the life of me, I don’t understand why deo companies conjure up such stupid ads. And, aren't these ads made for adults, then how come it has caught the fancy of young kids like Aryan(assuming it's not just Aryan who's wanting to have a deo).  Almost all the deo ads work on the same line.   Finally, I patiently explained to him, “Aryan, you are too small for a deo, just grow up baba, I’ll get you many.”
For the time being, I have put that deo out of his mind. But this is just a beginning I believe…I wonder what all stupid ads that idiot box will throw up in the future, and how much Aryan will be influenced by them.  
My goodness!!! He's already demanding Gatsby gel now. Which ad did he watch now?    

Damn with deo companies 
Jini Maxin

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