Sunday, 11 August 2013

Craze for Crazy Looking Cartoon Umbrellas

It’s been raining heavily in Ahmedabad these days. Wait, it's pouring. Roads are water logged, plus there are a network of potholes that one  needs to meticulously maneuver, (or else you know what); and added to that, there’s cow menace all over.  (Ah! It's on a wing and prayer I make it to the office daily.) However, there’s a flip side to this monsoon fury as well. First off, I managed to take a few unofficial days off from the office (that’s was a breath of fresh air). Plus, the fresh patch of grass you get to see all around is a pure visual delight.(In fact, the blanket of greenery that one gets to view from the terrace of my 12th floor office building is quite breathtaking.)

But, first things first 'Aryan’s craze for cartoon umbrellas'. Yes, with monsoons in full swing, Aryan’s craze for a new cartoon umbrella has heightened. (Though, I don’t mind indulging him most of the times, what I dread are those deadly attacks from my hubby dear accusing me of spoiling his kid, by giving in to his demands all the time; well, he is right, by the way.)     

Aryan's cartoon umbrellas

“Momsy can you get me a new umbrella,” my cute little Aryan begs, and then goes ahead and does the inevitable. He keeps on bragging about the benefits of owning a new umbrella. And, yes of course, he has got all the right expressions on his face that could melt any mother’s heart away. Anyway, I decided not to give in this time. (Don’t know from where he gets these crazy ideas from, most probably from his crazy class mates I believe; he already has a raincoat and an umbrella, then why in world…? I gave into his demands last year and bought a Thomas and Son’s umbrella for him. But,  that only seemed to have whetted his appetite further; and this year, unsurprisingly though, he has started waxing eloquent on the importance of a acquiring a new one.

But as his momsy failed to pamper him this time, so he immediately turned his attention to daddy dear. And, surprisingly this time his daddy gave in, though it required weeks of persistence pestering and some serious explanation doing from his end. The final result: Aryan’s pleadings paid off and he got hold of yet another brand new Angry Birds umbrella. 

Aryan is a huge Angry Birds fan, and his collection includes two pencil boxes, a key chain, a card album,etc., all on the same theme.

It may as surprise many, but you will find an array of cartoon varieties lined up on the S.G highway. (I know Aryan won’t mind having them all.) First, he decided to go for the black Spiderman umbrella; but went back on his decision on seeing the blue-toned Angry bird’s umbrella. He couldn’t resist his temptation on seeing this umbrella, despite the fact that he had a similar blue type with him already.

I know, next year he would conjure up a new excuse to demand a new one and am already having ideas on the same . Probably he’ll say,  “Momsy I’m grown up now, so buy me a more mature-looking umbrella. I simply hate the look of this one." Yes, I don't know, what will I answer him then. Probably, I might end up scolding him, and then given in (as always.)

Mother's out there how do you handle such situations? When you child is begging, pleading and sometimes banging his fist on the floor and crying his heart out. (Touchwood, my Arayn doesn't attempt the later part.) I know, it isn't that easy to put your foot down in such times, but then giving into your child's demands is not always done. What say?

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