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Chotu Dada

“Me...I'm CHOTU DADA.”

“Ah!!!… What? Chotu Dada?”

 “Hmm…that’s an interesting name?”

“Do you think so?”


“Ah!!! I've been named so by my friends." And I too think they've given me an interesting name, probably because of the job i specialize in?”

“Oh!!! So, you've undertaken a job as well."

“Yes, protection of Sonu, Monu, Shambu, Tina, Meena, Rohan, Sohan who live on streets against beggar mafia goons.” 

“Oh! “Protection of kids living on streets against beggar mafia.” That’s a great job, you are doing.”  

“Ya, and, please don’t go by my looks.  I am ferocious creature, though I am only 2ft tall, my jaw can beat a tiger’s jaw hands down, my nails can be likened to a cat’s, my athletic skills can make a Cheetah jealous, moreover, I am more cunning than a fox could ever be.”

“That’s a great combination of varied skill sets. I am impressed.”

“Now, can you elaborate on your job a little?”

“Why not. My gang consists of 6 members. All ferocious and dangerous like me. We can easily nose beforehand, any trouble that’s about to brew on the city streets. My street friends can manage their basic needs easily. But what bothers me more is their security. Beggar mafia groups are lurking around every street corner. So I and my gang members have to be on high alert and protect our friends from them. Once they fall into their clutches, you know what they’ll do to them. They can maim them, blind them and then turn them into beggars in no time. I don’t want my friends to go through these suffering. You people have done precious little about the safety of street kids, so me and friends have taken it on ourselves to fight these mafia people tooth and nail."


P.S. - According to official figures, as many as 44,000 children fall into the clutches of the beggar mafia in India each year and of these, hundreds are deliberately mutilated. However, some charities say that the figure could be as high as a million. Most of the victims are under ten.

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  1. Fun read, loved the name chotu dada :) and his bantering about his abilities.

  2. Chotu should not have to face this but sadly it does happen. Hope we can eradicate it.


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