Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Yours Loving Log

Once upon a time I was blooming tree in your garden;
Bearing fresh flowers and fruits for you alone;
You spoke to me, and took care of me; as if you and I were one;
But as time flew by, new friends and pass times took precedence over me;
And I was left to languish and die;
My roots gave up, my torso grew weak;
And then there came a day, when I could stand no more.
Today, I am reduced to pieces;
But still I can’t stop loving you;
So how about axing me, and chopping me into pieces;
For I can light up your midnight lamp today;
Or simply burn me up in your hearth today;
And brew some delicious broth;
Still thinking; don’t do that;
For who knows the rain gods might just ruin me;
Or even the termites could conquer me;
Before that happens, embrace me and take me in your loving care;
For I want to end this earthly sojourn: simply serving you; simply loving you.

Yours Ever Loving Log
 Oops!!!It's has turned out to be more than 100 words. Anyway, next time.

Write Tribe Saturday Prompt: Use the image above to write your 100 words – a post, a poem – whatever comes to mind.


  1. Indeed if the fallen log could speak, this must be the very words it will speak

  2. Never mind the 100Plus words :D This is a beautiful poem :) A log's monologue :) Welcome back to blogging, Jini :)

    1. Hmm...It's difficult Sreeja...this blogging...but can't help...just make some time to free write...whether it's a poem or not, i don't know...but tried to scribble something offhand.

  3. As if the log speaks...very nice!

  4. The poor tree. Remembering its past glory!

  5. Poetic to the core. Who can do anything to this log, after reading such an appeal? You touched the heart , Jini :)

  6. Love you Shailaja. Your words triggered a rush of energy and excitement in me:I haven't felt a rush like that in eons. Thank You.

  7. So touching Jini and I can feel the emotion. How would I feel if I am discarded like furniture in some corner and deprived of affection.

  8. That's such a beautiful thought and expression on this picture prompt, Jini! Very moving and very creative! Well done! :)


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