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Cry of a Beheaded Girl

"Mommy, please stop crying.”

"Who's crying dear? I'm not."

Mommy, you can't hide those unshed tears from me.”

"Why cry mommy, i am really happy out here."

"What with angels and archangels singing and dancing with me all the time.”

"Really, mommy, it's so beautiful out here."

"When they snatched me away from you, I was terrified."

"My shrieks were stifled, muffled cries overlooked."

"My hunger become a source of their smiles".

"Finally when they had knife at my neck, I become paralyzed";

"Paralyzed with fear."

"I knew it would pain bad and hard."

"But once they started, I thought of you."

"And I cried out for you and you alone."

"Then it was over."

"Blood swept the floors, but my blood in their hands became a

source of their smiles."

"Yes, my stay with them was painful to the core."

"But, thankfully no more."

"Jesus and Mary along with archangels are showering happiness on me now."

"I've physical pains no more."

"But what still tugs my heart are those thousand innocents still captive and don't know what fate has in-store for them."

P.S. A free write. My soul bled after reading the stories of beheaded kids in


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