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Adding a dash of colour this Valentine’s Day
Come Valentine Day, I hope my parents- in law could take a break from their hectic schedules, and fly off to Kerala.


So that I could have all the time in this world with my sweetheart hubby and the house for myself. So that I could dress in a seductive way and sweep him off his feet once again. So that I could bake creamy cakes for him once again. So that I could decorate my room with red heart shaped balloons and teddies once again. So that I could fill the house with the perfume of love ---over and over again.

I will have:

Candles to illuminate the decor
Cakes to whet his appetite
Continental to tease his taste buds
Candies to sweeten his tongue  

I know this will be all hard work. But then this is a once in a time opportunity to win over the love of your life once again. So why not slog a little. Bend a little. Sweat a little this Valentine’s day. Trust me, it will be worth the effort.

People move heaven and earth to be with the love of their lives. I just need to spend some time in the kitchen heat.

It’s been like ages I and hubby have not spent any private time together. This is the the best of the year. So why not make the most of it.

Oh!!! I forget about kids.

I’ll pack them off to my sis’s place, Let them spent some quality time with their cousins.

I know this will be all hard work. But then I wish my hubby knows that I love him. Time waits for no man. Within no time, we’ll grow old and all this celebrations will become meaningless. If we do it right now, at least we will have some sweet memories which we can reminisce about when we are in the twilight of our lives.

I’ve seen my parents grow old. No doubt, there are an epitome of sacrifice and love and spent all their lives loving each other and leading a contended life. But then, they never had a life of their own. They never lived for themselves. No doubt, they are inseparable and love each other, but I do feel they lead a drab, dull life with no adventure and entertainment of any sort.

No doubt they are great and i admire them a lot, but i promised myself to add some colour to my life. And to lead a little more loving life with my hubby dear. People come and ago, but your sweetheart stays struck with you forever, come rain or shine.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Come let us share this day with our better-halves and make it memorable. 

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I agree to your diktat of not altering this post for a full year.



  1. No better way to celebrate Valentine's day than being with the spouse alone unencumbered with daily routine of chores,children and elders.An outing may be the right answer.Best wishes.Well written.

  2. A perfect valentine plan. U will definitely succeed with the plan to surprise ur hubby. All the best dear.

  3. A very interesting post. Will come again for sure. Checkout just once mine one @


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