Thursday, 12 July 2012

A chapter a day to keep laziness at bay


‘Self awakening’, one word that defines Robin Sharma’s book “The Greatness Guide”. And ya, be mindful of your reading habits, as each chapter starts and ends ASAP. Chances are there that you will drive yourself to complete the book in one or two sittings. However, it is only when you read, re-read, chapter by chapter, line by line, and word by word that you get to understand that the book is an absolute stunner-a fodder for personal and professional growth. In short, AN INSPIRATIONAL POWERHOUSE, AN ABSOLUTE FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

It is interesting to note that all the three books of Robin:“The Greatness Guide-Part I,” “The Greatness Guide-Part II,” and the “Who Will Cry When You Die,” hinges around same philosophies and rationales. Being a Leadership Guru, I believe this is a conscious endeavour by Robin to drum the same message again and again into our forgetful, failing, human minds.

Nonetheless, all the three books are interesting to read, inspirational and full of energy. Somehow I found this book ‘The Greatness Guide” more inspiring than Robin’s debut book”The Monk who sold his Ferrai”.
Undoubtedly, the debut book received rare reviews and was a huge commercial success worldwide, but the succinct, yet strikingly powerful style of “The Greatness Guide” is what it makes it a compelling read. And i am sure, this book will strike a perfect chord with his ardent fans and needless to say, will expand his admirer base.

Say, for instance, Commit to First Class, Be a Rock Star at Work, Drink Coffee with Gandhi, Be a Merchant of Wow, Make a Dent in the Universe, Be Wise Early Rise, How to Live for Ever etc are some of the chapters that will probably leave a lasting impression on the minds of readers. Thoughts are very well laid-out and ideas doled out can be easily put into practice.


"To earn more, learn more. Out-read your competition. Out-study them. Out-improve them. Out-succeed them".

"Robin, be so knowledgeable, competent and brilliant at what you do that this firm can't run without you. Become indispensable".

Investing in learning and getting your skills to world class is the smartest investment you'll ever make. Master your craft and you'll get to greatness.

We'll all be dust before you know it. So live your potential now.

Chinese saying : "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. But the second time is today".

Imagine that today is the last day of your life and you are lying on your deathbed. Then ask yourself:

Did I dream richly?
Did I live fully?
Did I learn to let go?
Did I love well?
Did I tread lightly on the earth and leave it better than I found it?

Nothing Fails Like Success. Success actually breeds complacency, inefficiency and -worst of all- arrogance. Because the moment you stop doing the very things that got you to the top of the mountain is the very moment you begin slide down to the valley

When you're making money and good margins, you tend to get sloppy.

"I'm sorry for you; your lives have been so easy. You can't play great music unless your heart's been broken.

Focus plus daily improvement plus time equals genius. Understand that formula deeply and your life will never be the same.

Push the envelope. Refuse to accept anything remotely close to mediocrity. Commit to excellence. Become massively innovative and wear your passion on your sleeve.

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