Saturday, 28 July 2012

Connect the dots- Handmade For Wannabe Entrepreneurs

If there's an entrepreneurial keeda hiding somewhere within you, then reading this book will definitely kick the keeda out of its slumber- And I tell you, the keeda will roll, riot, and root its way out, until you reckon its presence.

Yes, that's the effect the book will leave on wannabe entrepreneurs. Not to mention the generous  mix of English and Hinglish, that makes 'Connect the dots' a pleasurable read . The author has put in so much jaan into it. There is so much to chew on, specifically for those who wish to start something anew. Loaded with pithy one-liners that linger on your hearts and minds for days together. Honestly, this book has whetted my appetite further, sans any second thoughts.  Yes! Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, I have a dream, Poor Little Rich Slum, here I am coming. The one line that is going to stay with me eternally is "Kuch Karne hai, tho marna padega.

Yeah!, I am going to have my hands full with Rashmi Bhansal's books in the coming days.  First Things First. Talking about the book, it has been divided into three categories  - Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan.

Jugaad - A series of stories on enterprising entrepreneurs with absolutely zero background in business. In fact some of them are rags to riches stories. Say for instance, Prem Ganapathy - a dishwasher to Doza Plaza owner. Today, Doza Plaza has 24 outlets across India. Each story, about nine of them in this category, is exceptional and abundantly inspiring. For once, I too was tempted to take the road less travelled. But isn't business meant for the brave hearts?
Story about Kunwer Sachdev, the founder of Su-kam inverters, is sure to capture your imagination… a non-engineer creating ripples in the engineering industry and making it really big. Then there is Hanmant Gaikwad of BVG (Bharat Vikas Group), a facilities management firm that not only serves India Inc clients, but also holds the fort at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Then of course, of all the stories, the one that pulled my heartstrings was that of Suresh Kamath of Laser Soft Systems. Kamath, strongly believes that social responsibility and sound business can go hand in hand and his company is a testimony to the fact. The company currently employs many physically challenged people helping them climb the corporate ladder. For well-heeled women who wish to something with their 'not-much' happening lives, Sunita Ramnathkar story is sure to fire up your imagination.

Junoon – Literally, a breadth of fresh air. Seven entrepreneurs driven by very distinct dreams, dared to do something, never done before. R. Shiram, a non-graduate, fired by his passion for books, opened the popular chain of bookstores -Crossword; Satyajit Singh commercialized makhana, an unheard of product; Chetan Miani, driven by his passion for electronics, produced an electric car.

Zubaan – All stories in the section are thoroughly inspiring, especially the avatar story.  Had witnessed live Krishna Reddy's unique brand of mythology – inspired choreography on India's Got Talent, so, naturally, I was all excited to see his name appearing in the zubaan list. Having said that, I am not trying to underestimate other's achievements. Kalyan Verma's story, if not more, was equally impressive.
Go ahead, check out this book for many more names.

Seriously, this book is a must-read for wannabe entrepreneurs. MBAs, non-MBA's, anyone and everyone who wish to start a new venture.

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