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Books Read in 2012

 1] Life of Pi - Yann Martel - a must-read for serious writers - 5/5
2] Songs of Blood and Sword- Fatima Bhutto- you can live without reading this- 2/5
3] Saina Nehwal -T.S. Sudhir - good for sport enthusiasts - 3/5
4]No Easy Day- Mark Owen - warfare is my favourite genre so i'll be a little partial here-Full marks 5/5
5] Connect the dots-Rashmi Bansal- for wannabe entrepreneurs - 3/5
6]  Donovan Legacy -Nora Roberts - 4 books - if romance is your type, all mind-blowing -Go for it- 5/5
7] Man's Search for meaning - Victor Frankl-read it, if you don't have a why in life- 3.5/5
8] Fountainhead- Ayn Rand- persistence is the keyword here- 5/5
9] Dork -Sidin Vadukut-if comedy interests you- 5/5
10] Zoya Factor - Anuja Chauhan- killer concept-5/5
11] The King of torts - John Grisham- must-read for John Grisham fans- 5/5
12] Tiger Mother - Amy Chua - for all mothers- 5/5
The list seems so paltry. Hopefully, i will list down more- double the number- in 2013.


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