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Only Time Will Tell

Author: Jeffery Archer
Genre: Fiction

Pages: 388
Source: Personal Copy 
Last Word: Thumps Up 

I have not grown on Enid Blyton or Nancy Drew's books. In fact, the book reading bug bit me just a decade back. So, i can't help but wonder, how many amazing authors i might have missed, during my growing years. Anyway, as they say, better late than never.  

 This is my first book on Jeffry Archer and I am glad that I chose 'Clifton Chronicles' to begin with. To give you a small background, Clifton Chronicles is a five book series on Harry Clinton's life. The series is said to be an ambitious endeavor by Archer to capture 100 years of Harry's life - spanning from 1920 to 2020.

 The first book in the series 'Only Time Will Tell' is truly amazing: an apt prelude to the forthcoming books. It's sure to whet your appetite for all the forthcoming books in the series. Yes, my second book 'The Sins of My Father' is already on the way from Books are priced comparatively cheaper  here.
Coming back to the book, Harry, the protagonist's life is a bed of thorns. Born in a poor household that could hardly afford two meals a day, until he comes across the charitable old Jack Tarr- the bearer of glad tidings.  However, this son of the docker father and illiterate mother is a Destiny's Child, destined for greater things in life. He goes on to the best of the schools, reads best of the books, and finds best of the mentor's. When you have all the bests lined up for you, you know what to do with your life and not get sidetracked like the commoners do. Harry's is considered an English scholar in his school. He goes on to win all the top prizes.

But who's is his father? Only his mother Maise Clifton and war hero Captain Tarrant knows. His made-to -believe father Arthur Clifton is dead and gone forever. But if his so called real father Hugo Barrington wanted, he could have saved Arthur's life.

Then there is Emma Barrington; is she Harry's half- sister or lover? Yes, Only Time Will Tell. On their day , Harry and Emma are informed that they are related. Is Emma Harry's step sister. But the poor souls are not ready to accept this fact.  The marriage is put on hold. Oxford degree is put on hold.  As fate would have it, Harry is all set for World II. He trains himself to be a mariner. But his vessel sinks and he finds himself on his way to America. Their he is charged with first degree murder. What's next?  The Sins of the Father, may have an answer.     

The book with all its twists and turns is simply a page turner. All characters are strongly portrayed and strikes a perfect chord. Every chapter ends with a cliffhangerThe flow is effortless and so, less taxing on the brain.

Some thoughtful lines: 
1] Sometimes it's an advantage to be disadvantaged. 
2] Some people stand by you in your darkest hour, while others walk away; only a select few march towards you, and become closer friends. 
3] Old Jack's maxims- Get off your backside and do something positive & I find I don't learn a lot while I'm talking. 


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