Sunday, 24 November 2013

Books A Blessing In Disguise

She was an island unto herself;
Utterly self-contained, and happy to be so;
Her books gave her the best company.
Drinking in the smell of old books and new;
She read, wrote and edited, hours on end.
She felt blessed to be a bibliophile.
With just three of her faculties functioning; life had indeed been fair to her;
For thinking of a life beyond books was quite unimaginable.
And thankfully her paralysis had brought her closer to her books; like never before.
 She’s busy penning a romantic novel these days;
And hopes the book make it to the bestseller list. 

Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt: The Smell Of Old Books


  1. I did not know intially why all only three faculties were functioning till I saw her affliction with paralysis.What an irony that she chose to pen a romantic novel?A good usage of the prompt to bring out a nice short story.

  2. Sounds sad... But I like her positivity.

  3. loneliness brings you close to books then books give you courage to live,nice story

  4. So glad that her limitations are not limiting her!

  5. The triumph of human spirit and which better way to express, book:)

  6. A very touching story. Liked every bit of it. As they say, one can never be disabled but only be differently abled. And the comfort of books will never let you realise your loneliness and weaknesses but only give to the impetus to look forward and be hopeful. A great post.

  7. Our inabilities never limit our imaginations! Beautiful :)


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