Friday, 22 November 2013

Boy Oh Boy! I'm Going Bonkers Literally!

 Boy Oh Boy! I'm Going Bonkers, Literally!  I can’t really believe my eyes. Blogadda’s top blogger award to me. Gotta a pinch myself for this a million times… is it a dream or a real thing? Yes, my heart is pounding a mile a minute. My eyes are going...blink, blink. In fact, I feel like I am floating three feet above the ground. For the life of me, if this news is true, then surely this is going to be one big milestone in my writing career. But, this news has to be true: it’s there scripted in shimmering bold black letters Jini Maxin Fernanadez - The Blogadda Blog Award Winner Of The Year 2013 on the homepage of the Blogadda page. What more clarifications, certifications do I need?

Muah!! Muah!!! To the judges of the Blogadda Team for bestowing me with this awesome award. I never believed that I could win this prestigious award, given that there so many seasoned bloggers who've been scorching the blogadda space with their brilliant write-ups. Matching up to their talent was a tall order. But then I did it, it seems. In hindsight, I did sweat and slog, but I didn't believe that this relentless slogging would fetch me such an awesome award.

Now that I've won the award, I wish to thank the blogadda team for offering me infinite opportunities to hone my writing skills. If it was not for you, I would have lost touch with my innate skills of reading and writing long back. I believe writing is talent, a talent that can be procured and polished on a continuous basis by stretching our writing muscles every day. Not everyone is born a writer. So platforms like yours help sharpen our skills on consistent basis. Fritz Kreisler, the great violinist, was once asked by a fan that how come he played so well? Kreisler replied, “Its practice. If I don’t practice for a month, the audience can tell the difference. If I don’t practice for a week my wife can tell the difference. If I don’t practice for a day, I can tell the difference." So practice does make a difference in the creative field I believe, specifically in the writing realm. "Perspire for your insipration." What say?

Am a first-generation writer in my family, let alone an English writer. So, it’s indeed an achievement for me, given that it was all self-learning that helped me climb the writing ladder. Your WOW posts, and other contests simply fired the imagination in me and I tried harder and harder to make my mark on your website. The WOW, Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday badges acted as the irresistible icing on the cake. The dogged desire to earn these priceless badges motivated me to burn the midnight lamp, weak after weak. And the best part is, I did win a few of these lovely WOW badges.

Talking about my blog jini-fernandez.blogspot in, I started off with writing book reviews. However, I could only manage a couple of reviews every month. This is when my acquaintance suggested me to blog about anything and everything under the sun and should not confine myself to writing book reviews. That set me sailing and today I ramble about everything on my blog. From fiction stories to real life events, from 100 words drabble to mindful ramblings, from wow posts to contest posts; I’ve experimented with number of things. But I still consider myself to be a newbie writer and there are miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep…

Hmmm...When it comes to collecting the award, I wish to receive it from none other than Rashmi Bansal or Anuja Chauhan - renowned Indian women authors. Yup!!! Women Power. They are an inspiration for me. And as far as the treat goes, it would be large number of good books, hands down. Of course, I am mad about books, and I believe every writer worth his/her salt is crazy about books. And I believe it's because of them i and you are here. They are my inspiration, the bedrock that boosts the creative spark in me. 

Yeah!!! I know i am going on and on....

So, I wish sum up by saying that i want to build a legacy through my blog. That is by compiling all my best blog posts into a book and thereby make my family proud. Hope, my blog posts journey with blogadda will help me achieve this dream sooner than later.

Jini Maxin Fernandez
This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award! 


  1. Hearty congratulations on the well deserved recognition.You will reach greater heights.


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