Tuesday, 19 November 2013

So you think you know it all!

Arun did a double take on Priya.
"What was that huge blue mark on her right arm?
A tattoo mark or something else?"
He knew her to be a submissive daughter, a loving sister to her only bro, a voracious reader, a simple next-door-girl who confided in him her innermost secrets.
"Then, what explains that tattoo mark?
She never told me about this. Why?"
With a raised eyebrow, Priya looked at Arun and let out that so-you-think-you-know-it-all grin, lazed heavily with sarcasm.
A mischievous smile played on her lips

"Was it an indication she was no more interested in me?"    

Prompt: So you think you know it all from Jairam Mohan


  1. The tattoo must have been a recent oneas otherwise Arun would have known.Since she had a grin when she said 'so-you-think-you-know-it-all',I felt it should be Arun's name.His reading of her mind without closely seeing it could be wrong.Jini has left it vague leaving it to readers' imagination.

  2. nice take on the prompt...

    Hopped over from Write Tribe

  3. Men and their suspicions, you see.. huh !

  4. could she be misleading him and wanted just to surprise him with a tattoo?

  5. Interesting thought!! How men think...

  6. Different and nice take on the prompt :)

  7. Absolute love this one and something grey:) Fab.


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