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When The Watchman Needs To Be Watched Over

It was 5.45 am, but it was still dark outside. However, I couldn't think of shelving my kitchen schedule, or else I would be late for the office.

I started off with buying milk from the departmental store to hanging clothes on the clothing line, and all this while I could sense his eyes on me.

Was he staring at me, or was it a regular glance?

I reported about this incident to my hubby.

He gave me an “I-care-two-hoots look,” and said, “there’s something wrong with your eyes: he’s an innocent-looking man.”

Arrrggghhh!! "Haven’t you heard that looks are deceptive?"

So, according to him I was exaggerating the situation, so be it, thank you very much.

But despite his indifferent remark, I knew my hubby will have an eye on him from now onward.

And within a week's time he informed me that he had seen the watchman staring at other women as well.

I was happy, given that I wasn't wrong in my inference.

A few days later, I peeped out my kitchen window, from my first floor apartment to know what he was up to this time.

Yes, one thing he didn't know that he was was being watched.

And in accordance with his nature, he was happily staring away at this 12-year-old female shamelessly, playing badminton in the garden area of the apartments. 

Was she aware of his stares or wasn't she? Anyway, that was not my matter of concern here.

Clad in grey shorts and black-shirt she was dressed fully as per her age and standards.

Then what made this watchman stare at her so strangely.  So, I didn't just think aloud, I even spoke aloud in my native language.

At once, the watchman looked up and caught sight of me. So he corrected his vision at once: decided to concentrate on the game and not on the girl. 

He got a hint, I suppose: that he’s under my scanner and his stares won’t be tolerated anymore

I don’t really understand why some men stare at women so strangely sometimes.

Just a week back, I read a news column about a 62-year-old watchman who had raped a nine-year-old girl in my neighborhood. And, the worst part is that the girl stayed in the same apartment which he was appointed to guard over. And wasn't a watchman given capital punishment a few years ago for raping a minor?   

Yes, these days even the watchmen needs to be watched over.

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  1. You've highlighted a very important point: one should trust, but be watchful. This is true not only of watchmen, but of all persons. A large number of child abuse is done by relatives/friends.

    1. I totally agree with you Proactive Indian. It's always nice to be watchful. Better be safe than sorry.

  2. Appreciated your PoV ! True, we need to be wary !!

  3. Raising such issues shows your concern towards social ethics, which is really commendable...
    I liked, when you showed your outburst using your mother tongue...
    Nice post

    1. Thanks Shelly. Societal issues affect me and wish to do something for the society in my own small way.

  4. nicely written about the sad reality of nowadays..

    Just one thing, if you do not mind

    I think in this line '
    one thing he didn't know that they were being watched'

    'they' should be replaced by 'he' because we are talking about that watchman.

    just a friendly sugg :)

  5. hmm...We had an option to select between he/she/they, but the second 'they' had to be there. No option was given there. I too had the same feeling, but didn't want to tamper with the prompt.

    Here they stands for the watchman and the 12-year-old girl

    1. Thanks Ankita. Finally, I've decided to change it.

  6. Glad he knows he's being watched and hopefully will correct his behaviour. I also wondered about the he/she/they.

  7. Loved this. One can never be too careful. Keep writing! :)


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