Sunday, 23 November 2014

Daddy I am coming

My bro's family. The young one in my bhabhi's hand is Joel, almost two now.

  My bro is a SAP consultant, and is posted in Germany right now. And he is very close to his son Joel. The conversation between Richard and Ryan is woven around them.

“Whoohoo!” Daddy i am coming to see you.”
“Whoa.” Now tell me howz my lil son going to land here.”
“Daddy, mummy didn’t tell you?”
“What? That you and your helicopter uncle have come to an agreement to help you fly down here?”
"No, no daddy. You are such a...such a..ummmmm."
“Ah! Nut case?”
“Yes, of course, you are a nut case.”
“Didn’t  Mummy tell you that Airways has come up with a daily flight schedule from Delhi to Frankfurt.” And mummy says, we will board their biggie commercial aircraft. In fact, mummy adds it’s biggest in the world. It’s called A 380. Doesn’t that sound great?
“O Oh! That calls for a big wow? BTW baba, you made a boo-boo; its Lufthansa A380 and not Luftsa."
And BTW, tell me, “When is my darling son flying over to meet me.”
“That calls for a double wow.”

Connecting with your closest ones - Lufthansa A-380 makes it easy.

Daily flights from Delhi to Frankfurt

“Start early from home, my lil Tendulkar, so that you can catch a cab early and reach the airport in time.”
“Ofcourse, daddy, we’ve already summoned a cab and are leaving straightway.”
“And no worries. We will reach their safe and sound.”
Suddenly Richard turns nostalgic and thinks of those days when he and his son Ryan played cricket and soccer together. He turned himself into a dedicated coach for his favourite pupil. A complete puppy, infact, Ryan followed his father everywhere he went, sometimes to the office as well. He was a darling son to his darling father. For Richard, Ryan was his world. But then this Germany posting came in the middle of their relationship.  It was very hard for Richard to explain to his son why he was leaving him. It was heartbreaking for both of them.

Being a SAP consultant, for Richard, living in foreign destinations for work reasons was nothing new. He’s been to Brazil and France before the Germany posting came by. But this time it was different. This time he and his son had developed a deep, deep bond. He was the rock of his life. And then he wanted to be a Monument of Existence for his kids. ( This reminds of Randy Pausch of The Last Lecture.) So work was work and commitment towards work was something that he would never pussyfoot around.  And, more importantly, the package the company was offering for the German posting was handsome. Though he tried as much as he could, he couldn’t ignore the pay factor. And as much as he craved to stay with Ryan, he simply couldn’t forgo the carrot dangled in front of him in the form of handsome package. So eventually, he left for Frankfurt, Germany. Now father and son met only through web chats. However, a thoughtful initiative by Lufthansa German Airlines, has been able to bridge this distance between them. Lufthansa A380 literally scripted a a new dawn in Ryan’s life.  

With globalization being the order of the day, even the system nuclear families seems no longer in  existence. In search of better lifestyle, better future and better packages, people are willing to travel far off distances. As much as they want to stay with their families, they simply don’t want to lose their competitive touch and wish to rough it out in the big bad world to prove themselves and sometimes to others as well. However, it’s the kids who suffer the most in this separation.

Negatives apart, such flight initiatives help bridge the gulf between close relations. And considering India’s rising population in Germany and vice-versa it’s always nice to have better and bigger airlines flying to India. And Lufthansa A-380 being the biggest, we as Indians indeed feel honoured to have it here.   

Bridging Barriers, Soothing Sighs,
Spreading Smiles, Across Miles,
We welcome you with open hearts Lufthansa A 380
You’re a New Symbolism of Indian Pride

This post is for Indiblogger contest held in association with Lufthansa German Airlines. The  airline has launched #Lufthansa A380  services to India. 


  1. It is a nice way of recommending Lufthansa.It is one of the good airlines and what the ads in TV tell us through that little boy to his grandpa is that it is more Indian than Indian.Best wishes to you.

  2. that was a nice take! all the best :)


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