Monday, 17 November 2014

The Beggar Kids

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My heart melted at this miserable sight.. And my heart wouldn’t allow me to shift my gaze from them. And instantly i sent a ‘Hail Mary’ to heaven for those two lil beggar kids . With not even a shred of cloth to cover this girl’s body, this maybe 3-year-old was lying on a boy’s lap, who in turn was sitting on a road divider shirtless, with  a torn pant to cover his dignity. The boy was probably 6 or so. Where they on opium or something? Or how could they take in the summer heat so coolly?

Without any second thought, i parked my two-wheeler and went searching for few packets of biscuits. Once i had them, i moved towards them on the divider and shared the biscuit packets along with a 100 rupee note. Guilt satisfied. My miserable heart somewhat pacified with that act.

The kids stood up. The girl who was lying lifeless on the boy’s lap also stood up. No, no there was no joy on their faces.  It seemed more like they were done for their day.  The 100 rupee note would probably help them shut a few hungry mouths at home.

When i turned towards my two-wheeler to go home, i realized, my heart ache hadn’t entirely subsided.  So i took a u-turn and went towards the poor kids who were on their way home. I saw ugly boils, all over the body, on this small boy’s bare back. I volunteered to drop them at home, but at once they retorted. “No, no, we will go back on our own,” said the boy as they picked up their clothes lying far away from their workplace.  

P.S. Most of you may not agree with this way of kindness. Giving money to poor kids is a complete no no for many of you.  In hindsight, i also feel the same. I should have given more eatable stuff  to them.  Anyway, when i think back of those lil ones i still feel helpless. Will i be able do something that’s more meaningful and substantial for the poor and orphan kids than just dolling out a few biscuits now and then to them? This is a question i keep asking myself every other day.


  1. that was very thoughtful on your par Jini, most people simply ignore such things. Watching kids beg is a miserable sight and makes my heart bleed...

    you deserve an applaud.

  2. What perturbed me is the mention that they took their clothes kept away from their 'work' place.There seems a method in their begging with some encouragement from adults,may be parents or others.
    Nevertheless it makes for sad reading.Poverty is cruel.


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