Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Getting my old Radha back

She looked totally spent.  With two kids in tow, the younger one just 4 months old, Radha seemed too old for her real age. She was touching 33 but her looks said that she was touching 50.  Probably, leading a life of a housewife had made her look older, world-weary and wanting. In fact, she was wading through a sea of unworthiness, unbeknownst to me.
Only when she came down from Delhi on a family medical emergency i saw her face to face and i at once realized in what a mess she might be in.

And my thoughts ran wild.

How could she neglect her looks and body so much. Isn’t she the one who had been so much into make-up? Lipsticks, blushes and what not formed a part of her vanity case. Isn’t she the one, who wore pants and t-shirts, when no one in our friend circle even thought of doing so? Isn’t she the one, who loved wearing danglers so often and even, got me lured towards the habit? Isn’t she the one who always wanted to smell lovely and wouldn’t mind shelling a small fortune on the same? Isn’t she the one, who was known for her looks and style?
Today, she seems totally gone. She is not even a shadow of her former self.
But i kept from saying all this to her, considering she was here on a medical emergency.
But once she was back to Delhi, i decided to have a heart-to-heart talk with her.

“ I don’t know, i suddenly put on so much after every pregnancy,” cried Radha on the other end of phone to me.
“Gym is not helping much, the tummy tucker belts, which i thought would be a saving grace, haven’t come to my rescue either.” Radha further added.
“I don’t know what to do. My facial hair is increasing day by day. On top of it my hair is turning white and i am fed up of applying mehendi as well. And last not but the least, my drying skin” Radha kept on cribbing and wailing from the other end of the phone, as she poured her heart out.    
 “What am i supposed to do Nisha? Sonu comes late in the night from office, and the only think that he talks about is my withered form. I get pissed off so often.”
“ Literally Nisha, the only thing that he talks about is my fading form,” I could hear her weeping from the other end.  “Are all men the same?” Is beauty literally skin deep.”
“I do get back on him saying that all you want is a brainless, trophy wife.  For you, inner beauty is counts for nothing.”
But then he has all his guns blazing at me at point blank. “I am not a billionaire looking for trophy wife to flaunt around, but look presentable Radha, this is all that i ask from you.”
“On hearing this, my heart melts Nisha. Today, i hate looking myself in the mirror.” Radha wails.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Radha was such a confident girl and it seems she lost all of it after becoming a mother. Where has all her confidence gone?
I need to do something. I need to fire up her spirits. I need to bring the old Radha back. I need to give her a heart-to-heart talk.

Next day, I call Radha up and gave her a to-list to bring back her lost glory back.

Tip 1- Let your mom-in-law babysit and immediately visit some nice parlor rightaway and get that crowning glory dyed. Plus, get that chin lasered.
Tip 2- Cut down high-calorie stuff from your diet and a complete no-no to your most-loved biscuits.
Tip 3 – Don’t eat your kid’s left-overs, given that they are heavy-laden with ghee.
Tip 4 – Apply moisture daily, especially after your bath and at night. It will smoothen your skin.
Tip 5 – Keep up your gym efforts. It will pay back. Patience pays.

Radha patiently noted whatever i had to say and knew all this required some amount of effort from her end. Embolded by my words, Radha decided to weep no more and follow these tips with loads of determination. She wanted to embrace her former self, desperately. No she didn’t aim to be a trophy wife, but then looking presentable is not wrong. It only adds to your confidence level and helps you face the world with more courage.

This post is part of indiblogger indihappy hours held in association with Parachute Advansed Body Lotion. The theme being 'Bring Back The Touch."

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