Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Run Gayu Run

Open defecation exposes women to the risk of being raped: Centre - dnaindia Aug 24, 2014

My story is an attempt to draw attention to the difficulties women particularly face when they don’t have basic facilities such as toilets at home.

Here goes: 
“Didi, come let’s go!”
“Where chotti?”
“To the bushes didi. I can’t control anymore.”
“I’ve been waiting since noon for the night.” said Gayu to her elder sister Guna.
“Wait. Let me check whether the area is stare-free. Though i’ve my serious doubts." said Guna
“Ummm...Okay. Do it fast didi. As I said, i can’t wait anymore.”
"Wait, you must dear. If you can’t then,then, then..."
"Do you remember 5-year-old Arti being raped by her next door neighbour when she went behind the bushes?""So let me check whether the bushes are safe enough for us to venture out."
"Rape. What's rape didi?"
Both Guna and Gayu knew that their area was not safe.  It was the hunting ground for predators of all kinds- dogs and men. Not that men needs a separate mention here, given there’s just a thin line of difference between predatory men and dogs: the former walks on two, while the later on four. That's it. But both have this similar innate capacity to pounce on you and incapacitate and incarcerate you, forever.
Guna knew the predatory nature of the boys in the neighbourhood. However, Gayu being too small, was never able to comprehend the taunts and remarks directed towards her elder sister. But then she knew, the remarks were derogatory, considering the way they were spoken coupled with their lecherous facial expressions. The twisted smile, raised eyebrows, coupled the wicked look in their eyes...said everything. Every time, they passed the neighbourhood shop, these boys, including some men, were always there. The men were married. But marriage and kids didn’t seem to cure their predatory nature.
"Gayu, come we will go, no one seems awake now.”
“No, didi, i can’t. Why?”
“Didi, i couldn’t control. So i did it in the backyard.”
“Gayu?” Guna looked at her lil sis in shock. But then there was no way out for her. She had no reason to  blame her for anything.
Guna cleaned the backyard as soon as possible, or else she and her family will be exposed to a series of other health issues.
Guna and Gayu's parents were farm labourers and left at 4 in the morning, leaving the sisters alone for the entire day.
It’s was Guna’s primary responsibility to look after her younger sister and she did it in the best manner possible.
But no elder was around there to keep her away from those predatory eyes.
Like every other day, even today Gayatri requested her sister to go to the bushes.
Once again, Guna decided to weigh her options and peered through the window to know whether the bushes were free from any sort of unwarranted activity. Things seemed safe this time. So she and her sister venture boldly into the bushes. And as soon as Gayatri pulled her petticoat up, there he was...the same man with twisted smile, raised eyebrow and lecherous look in his eyes.
"Run...shouted" Guna at Gayu. But Gayatri couldn’t. Things moved too fast for her to process.
 The next day we hear, Gayu is in a critical condition and her private parts badly hurt and she is being rushed to some big hospital in the city.

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