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My Rockstar Boys

Don’t they look like rock stars!!! Btw, the younger one is 9-month-old Ayaansh and the other one is his elder brother 9-year-old Aryan. Yes, their age gap has been grabbing several eyeballs. (Who cares?) But then you should see them play together…Ayaansh in his walker and Aryan in his computer chair. Both wheel around the house merrily. Heeee, haaaaa, heeee…their laughter fills the house. (I  just love them.) 

But what takes me by surprise, more than anything else, is that both the brothers love high-voltage music. In fact, you should see Ayaansh gently foot-tapping to Bhaag Dk Bose, Bhaag Bhaag Dk Bose, while gingerly holding to the center table. Man, that’s a sight to behold. And Aryan, on the other hand, shouts (that’s how he sings), at the top of his voice to add more punch to the song.

In fact, there love for electrifying music is a saving grace for me. Ayaansh, like many other toddlers, probably, is quite fuzzy while having food. We have to sing, mimic, and play with his toys just to make him eat something. However, things don’t remain the same when the music is on.  When Ajay Devan and his kiddo team shouts Aata majhi Satakli, my Ayaansh simply gets carried away. This gives me ample time to shovel some food into his mouth as soon as possible.  And Aryan helps me in this cause in a big way. In fact, he has recorded all such songs. So as he jumps from one song to the other, Ayaansh is done with his food. 

So all these Gen-next songs, be it dil hai pani, pani, pani, or party all night, or Johny, Johny hai ji, my sons love them to the T.  

Hey people, you might think, how could you expose such small kids to such vulgar songs? (as my office colleague thinks so). But then remember ladies, it’s the music that catches their attention. My Aryan finds it hard to figure out the actual lyrics of the song. So where does the vulgarity come in picture. Ayaansh is just 9-month-old. So you know how much he can comprehend? And if they enjoy it, I believe, yes I believe, there’s no harm in listening to it. 

Truth to be told, I too love these numbers. I too feel like dancing with them. Whenever 'will you be my Chammak Chalo' is played on TV, my Aryan goes crazy and dances to every single beat of the song. And that brings a smile on my face. It's a heavenly feeling seeing them dance and play together.

Do you feel the same as me? Happy, when such playful songs are being played on TV. Damn the lyrics. What about the music?  Or do you think songs such as Char Bottle Vodka affect the psyche of children and they should be banned. Go ahead, scribble your thoughts in the comment box.


  1. I do agree with you jini. There is no harm at all. Even when my daughter listens music or voice of drum, she claps and raises her hands up. I just love that moment.They don't know about lyrics, they just listen music and feels dancing.


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