Monday, 6 October 2014

What My World Would Be like if My Comrade-in-arms didn’t Exist

I would be going nuts…literally. Yes, stress and lack of sleep is taking a toll on my tolerance level. When Aryaansh is in a foul mood, I go berserk. (But then you can’t be saintly all the time. In fact, there are times when I become too abrasive. Poor Ayaansh, he becomes the target of my mercurial moods. May be God won't mind raking me over the coals for being so lousy, insensitive mother on the judgement day. Anyway, the point here is that, I have found a great support in my elder son Aryan. I and he team up many a times, to handle Ayaansh’s tantrums. Active and supportive, Aryan is always there for me when I need him. 

Aryan bring tingu’s diaper. Aryan bring tingu’s medicines. Aryan bring this and bring that. Aryan does it all running around the house. No, not even once has he shown his displeasure while helping me out with his younger brother’s routine. He is soft-spoken and soft-hearted (unlike his parents) and listens patiently to whatever his elders have to say to him. I seriously do not know whether he should stay that way.

I want him to street-smart. Because that’s how the world operates. He better be accustomed to the ways of the world, sooner than later. Don’t you agree with me? But come to think of it…he is tenacious and stubborn to a very large extent. The toy he wants, he gets it. The book he loves, he gets it. 
No, he doesn’t get them as soon as he demands it. He gets them over a period of time…it can take one month to six months’ time. But he’s persists till he succeeds. He keeps twiddling his thumbs and strikes when the iron the hot. Simply put, he patiently awaits for the right time and knows in his heart-of-hearts that his daddy won't say no to him now.  Yes, softie knows how to lovingly tug at your heart strings and ges what he wants. Probably, that’s his way of being street-smart.

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