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Stephen King’s Writing Tips that I Admire The Most

I am no Stephen King fan. It’s mainly because I haven’t made any serious efforts so far to read his books. May be in the future. Whether we read him or not does not take away from his geniuses as a gifted writer. He churns bestsellers in bucket loads. In fact, if there’s any real university in creative writing, it has to be his. His book on writing is an eye-opener. That’s that. (I deeply desire to have a shred of his geniuses in me, if not more.) So it really makes sense for an amateur writer like me to ape his writing habits, and to pay rapt attention to his writing tips.      

 Some of his smart writing tips that I prefer to dump in my dumb brains:

1] Read, Read, Read, Write, Write , Write
2] If you don’t read, you don’t have the tools to write
3] Don’t overly get caught up in grammar.
4] Master the art of description
5] Take your writing seriously or don’t write
6] Write every single day.

Though all these quotes may sound easy, but we writers know that’s it’s a struggle to practically implement these habits on a regular basis. You need an iron will to put them into action. But then are writers like him who do it, come rain or shine. Little wonder they have become the stars in the literary realm.


  1. I hvnt read this book, but hv heard good things abt it


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