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Does Your Money Plant Attract Money? (Mine does so, or that's what i love to believe)

That’s the money plant we have in grown in our balcony – our source to richness and prosperity. (At least that’s what my mom-in-law believes.) Even Feng shui experts seem to support her claim and so there might be some truth in what she says. And as you as can see it, it’s flowering unabashedly.  Looking forward to those days when it will entwine around our clothes line and make it heavenwards. (Okay, towards the terrace.) 

Here’s some unheard off take on Money Plant that I found during my short research
It’s has two scientific names Epipremnum aureum and Scindapsus aureus.

As per Feng Shui principles, no other indoor plant can match money plant in terms of purifying the atmosphere. It specifically aims at purifying the air polluted by modern furnishing made of synthetic materials. More importantly, it energizes home and increases oxygen inflow.

In fact, Feng Shui experts have so much belief in the goodness of the plant that they recommend to keep one each at your computer corner, television and for that matter even near your WiFi router. And more than anything else, the plant is said to usher peace in the family by doing away arguments and sleeping disorders. 

Other Crucial Highlights   

  • It’s indoor plant capable of growing even in a water-filled bottle or a container without any soil. 
  • Just keeping changing the water at frequent intervals, and this would ensure that your plant survives for a reasonable time.
  • No special nutrients need to be added for its survival. Just naturally found salts in the water is enough. 
  • It grows well with bright filtered light. However, in case of less or more light, discoloration of the leaves take place.

  • Giving money plant or its cutting to others might tank your wealth/income.


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